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Wednesday February 08th 2012, 1:28 am
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Today myself and Joel met up in the library to knock out the new glue-sniffing dream sequence. I bounced ideas off him and he was an excellent scribe. We decided not to write all the camera angles and details until we got the go ahead from the group, learning from experience that if we spend a lot of time on something before doing so, it usually gets changed or scrapped.

We watched clips from Trainspotting for inspiration and I think the ideas we got from that will shine through more when I write the shooting script for the Glue sequence.


Annnnd here it is :] in bullet point form :p

  • Linda sniffs the glue.
  • As she phases out, Linda turns over to find the den empty but one red balloon floating.
  • The balloon floats towards the door.
  • Linda follows the balloon to the door.
  • She opens the door and lots of red balloons float into the room.
  • Linda is engulfed in red balloons and she fights her way through them till we see one red balloon left.
  • As the balloon moves away from the camera we are now in the same girls bathroom as the one earlier in the story.
  • We hear whimpering coming from one of the toilet cubicles.
  • The cubicle door opens.
  • Susan is sat there covered in bruises and blood.
  • Linda looks at Susan completely confused.
  • “Susan?”
  • We see Susan’s eyes open.
  • Susan starts panicking and recoils into the cubicle in fear of Linda.
  • The cubicle door shuts and locks.
  • Linda tries to get into the cubicle but fails.
  • She then goes to the next cubicle and peers over.
  • Mary is sitting on the toilet.
  • She slowly (creepily – with blank eyes) looks up at Linda.
  • She then looks at the door.
  • The door opens and we see Linda standing in front of it. (The Linda who took the glue is still peering over the cubicle wall).
  • Mary gets up and walks towards Linda who backs out.
  • The cubicle door shuts.
  • Linda sits back down in the cubicle.
  • Mary distorted: “She shouldn’t have dragged you into this Susan”
  • Linda slowly opens the cubicle door and walks into the main part of the toilet.
  • We hear crowd chants of “LINDA! LINDA!” as the camera goes around her 360 degrees.
  • Linda smiles and starts savouring the moment, her arms are aloft as if saluting the crowd and enjoying stage presence. She laughs.
  • We see a glare in her eye.
  • Slowly fades to Spike repeating Linda’s name until she comes around.
  • Linda is being soothed by Spike on the mattress in the den.
  • Spike holds Linda “Whoah, we lost you for a bit there, I told Shug not to give you any.”
  • We zoom in slowly on their embrace and then zoom out to Spike on the mattress.
  • Spike moves to reveal Moon on the mattress with him.
  • Linda is suddenly stood at the end of the bed, “What are you doing!!”
  • Moon: “Fuck off! You’re not one of us!!, go back to your girlfriend Susan!”
  • Fade to Susan and Linda walking hand in hand along past the same bench the punks sat on earlier during the time lapse.
  • Linda sees the same red balloon in the distance and they run towards it.
  • It is a fun chase game.
  • The balloon remains the same distance away so Linda cannot get it and its starts appearing in opposite directions. They split up to catch it.
  • Linda turns around to see Susan and Spike sat together on the park bench.
  • Spike and Susan slowly move in towards each other intercutting with shots of a safety pin coming towards a red balloon.
  • The safety pin bursts the balloon just as their lips touch.
  • Quick cut to the Den to see Linda wake up suddenly.
  • She then leans across the mattress to be sick/dry heave.
  • End Scene.


Yesterday due to our producer not being able to return to Lincoln thanks to the icy climate on the roads, Helen (P.A.) and myself met up to redo the shooting schedule as everything had been pushed forward due to weather, and the existing schedule was not detailed enough, without enough consideration for the actor availability etc. So THAT was a fun two hours+ of working through the scenes and thinking through logistics of when, who, with what, wearing what, has she dyed her hair yet, is that enough time to shoot that many scenes, will we have set in time? etc. Head-ache.

But it was very worthwhile.


TOMORROW, editing begins, as Jack and I will meet in the edit suites to get the ball rolling on editing with what we’ve got so far. I think it will be a massive help to make this process gradual, as A) we are going to have a hell lotta footage to work through, and B) the edit suites aren’t fully booked this early on.


Sooo yeah, I’ve been busy. Third year is mega.

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