Week 2? Week 3? It’s definitely Week 3 now…
Friday February 03rd 2012, 3:48 pm
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I feel that we seem to be rolling slowly to a halt as everyone starts to focus on their dissertations and other assignments. We are getting on with things, but it’s at a very leisurely pace…

This week however, we are very nearly there with the script progression, just need to create one new scene – a glue high dream. Which will allow us to be very creative so I don’t want to rush the conception of this scene. I would prefer it if we could gather inspirations and ideas from everyone for this.

Also, we have continued progress on filming as on Tuesday we filmed scenes in the headmasters office, which turned out to be quite funny thanks to our punks. Yes we’ve squeezed in a cheeky wink to camera, breaking the fourth wall – Hustle style. And then on Wednesday we filmed the record shop scene which was so elusive to us last term due to the difficulty of finding (and keeping) a reliable Susan. But thankfully our original Susan has returned to us with renewed commitment.

It would have been a hat-trick week if our exterior shoot this morning had not been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. Yes the real winter has arrived which we thought we’d escaped. Snow. Now when a program is set in April, you really can’t get away with snow in the exterior shots can you?

It’s a shame because we were rushing to prepare for this shoot, with Shiv, Helen and Rachel contacting me left right and centre about poster decisions, costume decisions, printing decisions all the night before. (No wonder my dissertation is enjoying little progress!) But at least we got it sorted for when we do decide to shoot.

Thankfully, the street which we want to film on isn’t going anywhere so we’ll just have to post-pone the shoot for a nicer day. Which will be sooner rather than later we hope.



Well, best be off to do stuff with my day.

You stay classy Lincoln.

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