Everybody wants to be a……
Saturday March 24th 2012, 4:20 pm
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We are shooting thick and fast to get the project done and we have nailed certain scenes so now we have just a couple of exterior scenes and then the den scene which will take place on tuesday, the set is looking pretty damn fine so good work to the set team for that. Union Jack dream sequence was our best shoot yet despite our lead actress injuring her hand during the final scene she was ok afterwards, thats commitment!!

In other news I thought this was a weekly thing for people to post and I believe I was the last to post on february 27th, and I have never blogged and probably never will after this! WHATS GOOIINN OOOONNN!!!


Lets nail these last scenes, finish up the paperwork and hand it in so we can breathe again! Also I turn 21 on the 3rd April so I can join the elite 21 club! Good work guys almost there now!!!!!!!!!!

We’re gonna rock down to…….
Monday February 27th 2012, 6:39 pm
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Great way to start a post over the last couple of weeks shooting events. We have made more progress with the filming including most of the living room scenes during a 8 hour shoot in the studio. We worked hard and had fun but by the end people were starting to lose focus (myself included) and mistakes were creeping in but overall it was a successful shoot. The day didn’t start off well with the news that one of our main actors dropped out but we shall move on and I think we have another actor currently poised to take his place as the lead punk. The set on friday was a great improvement with various camera angles and depth being allowed and I briefly stood back as a camera operator to get an overview of all the cameras in the studio but it didnt work as well as I thought it would so I ended up back in a familiar camera operating role by the end of the shoot. I had a say in where the cameras were to be positioned and we got some nice shots.

To quickly wrap this up…. we need to revise the schedule with studio and outside filming time with this new actor should he agree to help us out and I look forward to the next shoot!

Ciao for now and lets get JIBBY with it!

Monday February 20th 2012, 7:58 pm
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Past few weeks have been extremely busy due to the amount of work needed to be done for my dissertation as it came to a halt.

We had a pretty decent shoot in the studio last Friday and filmed all of Susan’s rooms however we came across some errors during the edit which we need to pick up on for when we film Linda’s room to make sure we don’t end up with similar errors which we had in Susan’s bedroom. We also have a few props which we need to collect, however they are small props which make it easy to find within our group

Helping our super group was quite fun as we get too see how other groups are working together and there’s a lot less stress when it’s not for your own project however it fun to work on something totally different to ours.

Having a hard time finding a good enough printer/size for the Queens Head poster to be printed out onto, and is still being finalized at this minute.

Slight disruption there….
Tuesday February 14th 2012, 8:27 pm
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The last couple of weeks have been hampered by severe weather conditions in Lincoln with a couple of shoots having to be cancelled and meetings postponed untill everyone could be here without risk. Camera cards are coming along with some done for when we film on Friday 17th and the rest to be completed over the weekend. The script is near completion with the Glue sequence planned and written down. Equipment is hired for when we shoot again and I also helped with our supergroup with three of their shoots which gave me and the others who helped some good ideas on how to make our filming more productive and fun! Now that the snow has cleared up, we can motor on and nail these scenes! Come on ladies and gentlemen!!!!!

Oh and also my apologies for not posting on here for a couple of weeks, other projects have started rolling as well and my back problem causing trouble but apart from that its all good!

Set – Susan’s Room
Monday February 13th 2012, 3:15 pm
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Here are some paint samples I’d like to use one of for Susan’s Room. If you can get back to me Sylvia about which one would be the best I’ll get it bought asap.

Colours by B&Q Matt Paint Pink Splash 2.5L - £13.98

Colours by B&Q Matt Paint Pale Pink 2.5L - £13.98

Wilko Colour Matt Emulsion Paint Candy Cane 2.5ltr - £13.47