Week 3: Return of the Jib
Friday January 27th 2012, 2:07 pm
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We have just finished a very productive week both inside and outside the studio with the script coming together nicely, camera cards to be typed up and printed in due course. Slight problem when Stuart (John) dropped out but it happens sometimes! best of luck to Stuart in his new job. We had a nearly full cast read through of the new script which went very well.

I had the chance to experiment with the HD handheld camera creating a slow motion effect which we hope will look good in the final edit. I’m confident of the setting to help the editors acheieve this effect.

Friday saw us return to filming with the interview scenes which went well despite struggling to use the JIb camera effectively, as weeks go by I’m sure this will improve and I’m sure was an off day! The producer has asked us to come up with one thing we did well and two things to improve.

1 thing we did well: Lighting was very good today with the interviews lit effectively.

2 things to improve: The JIB camera was not as productive and smooth as it has been previously but with time I will get back into it again and actors need to be spread out during the time allocation we have so they are not sitting around for ages which we will organise soon.

Productive Week! Still lots to improve on though (the jokes dried up on Friday! Sorry Guys!)


So the Stress begins
Thursday January 26th 2012, 6:14 pm
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After a productive first week, we entered our second week with exactly what we needed to achieve by the end of this week. Despite missing the weekly meeting with Neil, due to illness, there are much better communication now between the group and we all feel more positive with this terms work.

As Director previously mentionned we now have a complete (ish) script which everyone in the group is happy with and can invisage the final result more clearly. As the script is now complete, the next stage is working on the timings each scene has and aiming to achieve an overall time for the whole show. In addition to this the producer, director and myself are able to work on a week by week schedule for filming so everyone knows exactly what we are doing what week.

I have started to research the costume designs and what each character will look like and whether they fit the time period by which we setting the piece in. I have also started to sketch ideas and costruct a breakdown of who has what outfit in what scene and at what stage the main character changes her dramatic appearance.

Keeping up the positivity …….

Welcome to Week 2. 2nd Gear.
Tuesday January 24th 2012, 8:51 pm
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We have a complete script!!!!!! It took me and Joel many many hours in the library throwing ideas back and forth about structure, camera shots, characters, dialogue. Although it is admittedly still in draft stage, I don’t think I’ll ever be perfectly happy with it, but that’s just my perfectionist tweaking nature. So currently I’m working on the re-draft already, fine-tuning and I feel like we’ve all got our hands full with stuff to do. Which is good.

We had a full read-through with the cast members today, (minus Moon who couldn’t attend, and Shug who needs to be cast still [these are punk band characters, not real names heh]) and I started to see the overall picture. We also had a play about with water balloons and a camera (keeping the two very much apart for obvious reasons) to experiment with how we are going to capture our slow-mo water balloon shot. AND we got out the basics of Linda’s bedroom set to see how we were going to move the walls apart for the Union Jack psycho scene where Linda hallucinates that her parents friends and headmaster are all talking about her, all of which will be chroma-keyed onto a green screen that comes in when the walls part. Which, went quite well. There are still adjustments to be made on the set layouts but they’re coming together slowly.


SO, feeling positive and kinetic,



Can you ‘ere me now? Week: One
Tuesday January 24th 2012, 4:11 pm
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After a sobering meeting with tutor, Neil, I feel we all came out of that room with a good idea of what we have to do to acheive our best in this project. The key was CREATIVE ASPIRATION & VISUALISATION! It was clear from the critique that whilst there may have been a wealth of research and creative ideas it wasn’t coming across in the film. The suggestion to remedy this was greater communication between all fields. So, what is one sound director taking forward with him into the new semester? Well, definitely the note about communication and participation is something I’ll like to improve on, always helps to get a second opinion or helping hand. The next is really about pro-activity, I need to make this piece stand out aurally and showcase what I can acheive. Also being more organised would help, I aim to have completed a work shedule by the next time I post so I can really see how behind I am! Anyway, lots to do. G.

Fly on the wall-paper
Tuesday January 24th 2012, 12:00 pm
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This is from a spanish film, All About My Mother, by Pedro Almodovar. His set designs and costumes are really carefully constructed and I particularly like this wallpaper for the 70's look.


As part of my dissertation research I have been watching all of Pedro Almodóvar’s films, and they have been really useful for inspiring my camera shots and making dialogue seem natural. I have posted this quick snapshot from one scene to show the set team what I was thinking of for the retro wallpaper of our set design.