Week 1 – Set Plans.
Friday January 20th 2012, 11:07 pm
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On Monday 16th January, the set team were tasked with having all of the sets planned by the end of the week, even in a draft version, just as long as each one had been thought about. Because we were shooting Linda’s bedroom first, myself, Jack and Shiv got together to make a model of it using Sims 3 (see Jack’s post for pictures).

Set Meeting 1. Wednesday 18th January. 12pm. Library.

Shiv and I got together to get as much of the set preparations as done as possible before meeting the rest of the group at 4pm.

 By the end of the meeting we set a “to-do”list of things to do before Monday:


  •  3D drawing of sets
  • Go to Market and inquire about crates and boxes.
  • Check that the sofa in the foyer of the studio is still available to use.
  • Collect Bricks.
  • Posters of ABBA and other 70s music.
  • disco ball prices.
  • Ask for studio time for the set team alone to get a perspective on sizing etc. (ask for volunteers to help)
  • Research television sets from the era.
  • Wallpapers.


  • get garage measurements
  • make and/or obtain an ashtrays.
  • cigarette butts.
  • Streetcones (??)
  • Collect bricks.
  • research and/or collect punk posters.
Linda’s Room/Union Jack Scenes

Our aim for this set is to give the cameras as much room as possible to get the shots needed. Also, we can swap flats around when shots are needed from different angles. We would start by planning out the room before deciding where we would have flats and where we would not.

The Den

I realize that these are quite rudimentary and, dare I say it, amateur, But these are extremely early drafts that I intend to extend on in both computer programs (like Sims 3) and on paper.

 The Living Room set is still up in the air at the moment because we have decided to shoot what we need to shoot first and if we have the time we can reshoot the Living Room scenes we did before Christmas. Needless to say that Shiv and I will be totally prepared if that is the case.

Group Meeting 3. Wednesday 18th January. 4pm. Library.

 Here we put forward our set plans and I also came up with a plan. During week 0 I set up a google account for the group so that we can use the calender to our advantage by putting in the times each of us are unavailable so that we can plan meetings around then. It has proven to be very useful. So I started using the “Documents” to make a spreadsheet of the props list. This way, rather than hassling people about whether or not they have, or know someone who has, a particular prop we need, they can just say so on the spreadsheet.


 Group Meeting 4. Friday 20th January. 3pm. Library.

This meeting consisted of a script read-through with the whole group. This was to show us what has changed in the script since Christmas to familiarize ourselves with them. The notable change was the change in timeline: the show is now in a flashback format.

Aims for next week:

  • Get as many props for the bedroom as possible.
  • Finish drawings + plans.
  • Complete “to-do” list.
  • Have flats for bedroom finished by Friday 27th January. (optimistic! But it can be done!)

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Thanks for the detailed plan – just dont forget the headmasters office!

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